Movie Monday Giveaway: The 1920’s!!

Here are rent-worthy titles that take place (at least in part) in a bygone era for your viewing pleasure.  Theme tonight?  The 1920’s.  Get your popcorn and settle in…

Oh!  And first one to correctly identify all eight gets a FREE Bold Sparrow Vintage mug!!  (Double click image for a larger view!)

 Leave your answers in the comments with your email address – and have fun!!  I know I did…:)

What are your 1920’s movie favorites?

9 thoughts on “Movie Monday Giveaway: The 1920’s!!

    1. Monica, you’re awesome! And for that – and for being my first responder – you get a mug!! BUT, you are 7 for 8. One answer is incorrect ;)…

  1. Congrats, Sharon!! You got all the movies right, plus #5 which was Miller’s Crossing. Send your mailing address to bsparrowvintage(at) and I will send you your new BSV coffee mug!!

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