I love it, I want it, but what do I DO with it?

I love vintage luggage.  LOVE it.  But let’s be honest.  If I’m travelling through Europe, I’m using my fancy new Samsonite pieces with wheels, not lugging a trunk around.  (Europe.  Ha!)

Anyway, that’s no reason not to collect the wonderfully gorgeous luggage pieces from days gone by.  They also wonderful pieces of home decor, and – of course – storage.  Enjoy.

Craft storage!  Why didn’t I think of that??

Gorgeous!  Fabulous dresser!!

Wow!  Talk about thinking outside the box!

How about a Louis Vuitton nightstand?
Or a suitcase end table?
Or make it a legit table with legs.  LOVE this…
Or a lamp…(more like a nightlight, but super cool nonetheless!)

What a lovely planter.  Adorable!!!

Or as a general decor element – wonderful!  (From: http://windhula.blogspot.com/)

What type of suitcase repurposing are you into?  Share a comment and you’ll get a coupon to use at the Bold Sparrow Vintage store on Etsy!

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