Antique Fair Shopping List

Okie doke, folks.  This weekend, it’s on like Donkey Kong.  It’s the TVUSD Antique Fair on Sunday.  And I’m putting out there into the universe what I would like to find.

1.  Vintage Wire Laundry Baskets.  You know the one.  The one on wheels.  The AWESOME one.

ethanollie on Etsy

2.  Vintage Loving Cups.  I have NEVER seen these at a sale in person, but I love them.  Especially if they are trophies for 3rd place in a beauty contest or for catching the biggest trout.

MaisonFrenchKissed on Etsy

3.  Mixed Vintage China.  I’m a sucker for it.  Always.

BoldSparrowVintage on Etsy

4.  Mexican Enamelware.  Being close to the border always makes it a possibility to find in Tucson.

BoldSparrowVintage on Etsy

5.  Pie Tins and Tin Cake Pans.  I like them well-worn and purty.

SweetGeorgiaVine on Etsy

6.  Big Old Marquee Letters.  Nothing says “cool” like spelling “cool” out on your wall in old marquee letters.  And if you can get them to light up, even better…

VintageEmbellishment on Etsy

7.  Wooden Crates.  Soda, beer, water…there’s a MILLION things you can do with those things.

MDQualityGoods on Etsy

8.  Globes.  If they’re priced right and spin smoothly, I’ll never pass them up.

BankandPearl on Etsy

9.  Vintage Grain Sacks and Feed Sacks.  I love the rustic stripes of the grain sacks and the whimsical or floral patterns of the feed or flour sacks.  Popular for reupholstery and crafting projects.  These can be pricey, though.

Antiquelinenfashion on Etsy
anne8865 on Etsy

10.  Old Ladders.  Depending on the condition, they can be used indoors to display blankets in a bedroom or blankets in a bathroom.  They make a gorgeous focal piece.

ARusticGarden on Etsy
David Prince for This Old House Magazine

What are your favorite things to hunt for?